CNN beclowns itself, confusing Trump's interest in Gettysburg with a bid to 'shore up the Confederacy'

Well, it looks like Ben Rhodes was right this time. The average reporter is 27 years old and "knows nothing." Get a load of what's on CNN.

In a bid to Get Trump, multiple anchors confused Gettysburg, site of a huge Confederate battlefield defeat widely considered the turning point in the Civil War, with ... boosting the Confederacy.



According to The Hill:

CNN anchor Erica Hill argued early Tuesday that President Trump's remarks that he might deliver his Republican convention acceptance speech from Gettysburg "leaves you scratching your head," saying he has recently done "his best to shore up the Confederacy."

"When we heard this, one of the first things I thought of was an interview that the president had at Normandy, and when we saw him there with all of those crosses in the background. And that really struck a chord with a number of people as well because it became so politicized," Hill said on "New Day." "To think that now we’re looking at Gettysburg, where the president has in recent weeks really taken it upon himself to do his best to shore up the Confederacy, right, that we keep Confederate flags and monuments to Confederate generals going. That, too, leaves you scratching your head."


And when you look at the video of this clown, notice how confident and assured she is as she expresses her goober-ignorant yahoo's version of barstool history. The video is shareable on Twitter but best observed from The Hill's site here.

And hey, she's not the only one. Here's another charmer at CNN convinced a speech held at Gettysburg, is sure sign of sympathy for the Confederacy. 


He should take that news to President Lincoln, who made the Gettysburg address there. 

Natually Meathead didn't want to be left out, and he kept the narrative going from the outside with this.



The idiocy was greeted on Twitter with contempt:





And while we are at it, here's why this claim is so contemptible. According to The History Channel, in a piece callled '7 Things You Should Know About Gettysburg,' published last year:

1. Gettysburg ended the Confederacy’s last full-scale invasion of the North.

2. The battle proved that the seemingly invincible [Confederate General Robert E.] Lee could be defeated.

3. Gettysburg stunted possible Confederate peace overtures. [read: No appeasement, only unconditional surrender]

4. The battle bolstered badly sagging Union morale. [That's some Confederate place CNN's got there]

5. Gettysburg ended Confederate enslavement of free blacks from the North. [Starting to feel really stupid, CNN?]

6. The battle led to the Gettysburg Address in which Lincoln redefined the Civil War as a struggle for freedom and democracy.

7. The battle forever transformed the town of Gettysburg.

Read the whole thing for short explanations about the significance of each of these turning points.

For CNN, trying to paint Gettysburg as a Confederate place (they seem to be confusing the entire Civil War with Confederates) is stupidity taken to the beclowning level. They're a coordinated laughingstock. And they should be treated with the contempt they deserve.


Image credit: National Park Service // public domain.

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