Children playing with dynamite

The Antifa and BLM rioters doing their best to destroy leftist cities ruled by confused idealists are the outward manifestation of a more dangerous impulse threatening to destroy all of America.

It is an impulse to self-deification that motivates the rioters and their enablers to see themselves as righteous crusaders saving the world.  They insist that the rest of us conform to their lofty worldview, but they are like children playing with idealistic dynamite, oblivious to its destructive power while they earnestly fumble with matches to light the fuse.

We saw them at play on a big stage this week, where they gathered to applaud candidates for president and vice president whose ideology will rule us all forever if they have their way.  It has been a theater of the absurd, where crackpot notions and perverse solutions for the real and imagined ills of America are presented in solemn tones by equally crackpot and perverse demigods who are deadly serious in their intentions to bend everything and everyone to their collective will.   

These grim children of the Marxist gods do not perceive the danger that lies along the path they have chosen.  By dethroning their Creator, they are free to indulge bizarre and enormously destructive ideas that promise heaven on earth but — as history has amply demonstrated over the last 100 years — always produce smoking piles of ruin and a lot of corpses.  

Real life is conservative at its core.  Truth fits where it belongs, not where we assign it.  Fantasies never change impersonal facts.  Thus, magical thinking unrestrained by God or reason breeds deeds that inevitably have very unhappy consequences.  Pouring gasoline on dynamite and lighting a match will produce an explosion the likes of which was recently seen in Beirut, spectacular in its force, and always uncaring about its victims.

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