BLM drops the intersectional mask

Marquise Lee Love, BLM protester who kicked a defenseless Adam Haner into unconsciousness in downtown Portland last Sunday, turned himself in to the Portland police Friday after evading arrest all week.  "Keese," as he calls himself, is being charged with assault, coercion, and riot

Keese surfaced on social media later that night, apparently under the impression that he'd killed his victim.  Incidental to asking for donations, he told his friends on SnapChat that he "[m]ight go to jail for a murder tonight," a clear injustice, because his victim was "a racist [and] all I did was fight him." 

Neither Haner nor his girlfriend, Tammie Martin (who was also beaten up) ever put up any kind of fight.  All the violence came from Keese and his accessories.  As for Haner, he describes himself as a supporter of BLM and has marched in their demonstrations.

Tammie Martin said it was Haner's good deed in coming to the aid of a white transgender being mugged that triggered a mob of activists to charge the couple, screaming that they were "white supremacists." 

The brutal Portland attack has generally been framed as a particularly ugly example of the left's descent into unreason and barbarism.  But it's really so much less than that — that is, a ghetto assault, incidentally captured on video by a vicious black criminal who loathes white people.  That he had assorted white BLM allies helping him commit his attack is an example of how the left's plunge into complete unreason has deprived them of any ability to see straight.  Given the opportunity, Keese would gleefully kick all of them to death.

It's true that, since George Floyd, BLM, and Antifa's Pact of Steel have enabled them to commingle their wanton lawlessness toward their respective goals.  And it's true that, as Matt Vespa recognizes, most of what we're seeing is "not about Floyd, criminal justice, police brutality, or even racism.  It's about Marxist revolution."  But Keese Love is no Marxist revolutionary.  He's not even a Biden voter.  He's a racist street punk who accepted BLM's invitation to come enjoy cop-free downtown Portland.  Keese's vile attack wasn't a political statement, and he doesn't hate Haner for being a white supremacist.  Keese hates him for being white. 

It took Haner to state the obvious thing that even conservative media have been bashful about saying, which is that he was attacked because he was white.

We don't know yet if Keese's arrest will earn him his own mural overlooking some weedy vacant lot, but it definitely won't hurt his standing with BLM. 

Clearly, BLM strategists have opted for brute force and racial intimidation.  They've deputized the black criminal class, with BLM mouthpieces asserting that looting is "reparations" and attacks on innocent people "fighting white supremacy."

White progressives, many of whom have literally prostrated themselves pledging obeisance to Black Lives Matter, imagine that in return, BLM is going to absolve them of their whiteness and embrace them as members of their racial justice fraternity. 

Never going to happen.  BLM is a transparently racist movement, and its members have nothing but contempt for every useful white idiot they're only too willing to use. 

When Walt Kowalski, the racially insensitive hero of Clint Eastwood's 2008 Gran Torinorescues lead character Sue, and "Trey," her asinine wigger companion, from a fast-deteriorating run-in with three black thugs in Detroit's inner city, Kowalski can't get over Trey's adaptation of stereotypical black dress and mannerisms.  The three thugs don't think much of it, either, especially when Trey tries to ingratiate himself by addressing one of them as "bro."

With the help of his service .45, Kowalski gets the thugs to see sense, but when Trey tries to thank him, Kowalski calls him an insulting name, then asks him, "What's all this bro s---, anyway? ... These guys don't want to be your bro, and I don't blame 'em.  Now get your ofay Paddy ass down the road."

I don't think Trey stopped till he got to Portland.

Image: Pixabay.

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