Black Lives Matter terrorized families at the Chicago Ronald McDonald House

One of the appalling stories to emerge from the Black Lives Matter mob's rampage in Chicago on Sunday night was the fact that looters attacked the Ronald McDonald House.  Any American who's watched television in the last 45 years knows about the Ronald McDonald House charity.

The charity, established in 1974, maintains houses near hospitals so families with hospitalized children have a free, safe, and supportive place to stay.  Often, children stay there as well when they have outpatient procedures.  In Chicago on Sunday night, however, the Ronald McDonald House was no longer safe; it was terrifying.

The following tweet has the news story that first alerted Americans to the fact that the mob isn't about justice; instead, it's functioning with typical mob motives: greed, violence, terror, and power:

One of the people whom the mob's violence affected was two-year-old Owen Buell, who's being treated for Stage 4 neuroblastoma.  (Thankfully, treatments for neuroblastoma have improved in the last few years, but it is a terrible childhood cancer, with a survival rate of less than 40%.)

Owen, who is getting treated at the Lurie Children's Hospital close to the Ronald McDonald House, was due to get a special treat: he was going to go home for his birthday.  The mob ended that plan:

"We were going to have cake and ice cream and do some presents at home with his siblings and his grandma," said Owen's mother, Valerie Mitchell.

But looting throughout downtown Chicago made it impossible. 


"We got a phone call from the nurse saying that none of the nurses could make it in for safety concerns and they didn't want any families in the middle of that trying to walk into Lurie's," Mitchell said.

The Ronald McDonald House was one of several locations hit early Monday morning.

"The whole door was shattered and it looked like a bullet hole, so I started freaking out thinking about how unsafe that was. You shouldn't feel that way when your kid needs medical care. You shouldn't be afraid to walk a few blocks down the street," she said.

If you go to the linked article, you will see a picture of a dapper Owen, bald as an egg, with tubes taped to his face, all dressed up for his birthday celebration.  That he and his family, instead of celebrating, spent the night cowering in fear of rampaging mob is a shameful mark not just on the mob, and not just on Chicago, but on the entire Democrat establishment.

Since the riots began, Democrats assiduously avoided condemning the mob riots associated both with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, including the extreme rioting in Seattle and Portland.  Instead, Democrats were rooting for them.  Just last week, Issues & Insights summed up the Democrats' nexus with the mob:

Qui tacet consentire videtur is the Latin phrase that means he who remains silent appears to consent. The Democrats' silence when asked to condemn Antifa violence is coming through louder than a deranged Joe Biden outburst on the campaign trail.

New York Democrat Jerry Nadler didn't hit the mute button when he absurdly claimed Antifa was "imaginary," then later said its role in the Portland riots was a "myth that's being spread only in Washington D.C."

But the congressman set the tone for his party.

During Tuesday's Senate hearing — titled The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence — Democrats had a wide open opportunity to state their position. Instead, they went quiet.

(Read the whole article to understand how closely entwined the Democrats are with this violence.)

It's only been in the last week that the Democrats, for the first time, have officially squeaked out that maybe they have a problem — although they're less concerned with the violence itself than they are with the possibility that shocked and disgusted Americans will turn to Trump as the man who can return America to stability and normalcy.

What's certain is that the Democrats aren't the people to bring back stability.  The only way to stop the mob is through legal consequences, such as fines and jail time.  Instead, prosecutors in blue cities and states (many of whom are Soros-funded) are going in the opposite direction.  Here's just one example.

The Democrats and their militia are out of control.  Americans cannot sit on the sidelines.  They need to take stock of what's happening and, on November 3, vote as if their lives depend on it — because they do.  If we have much more of this Democrat mob rule, we'll be indistinguishable from Ilhan Omar's hometown of Mogadishu.

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