Black Americans, vote your values

We make the common error of mistaking the noise generated from the clanging gongs of "woke" activists (read: terrorists) and media sycophants as indicative of the attitudes of the broader segment of the populace that they purport to represent.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been on a multi-city crusade to "defund the police," presumably on behalf of black people, and other persons of color in Democrat-run cities.  Turns out, not so much.

In a recent Gallup poll, black Americans voted overwhelmingly (61%) to retain current local levels of police presence in their communities, with 20% wanting to see an increased presence.  Eighty-one percent of black respondents voted to maintain or increase, not defund, policing in their communities.  

It's ironic that BLM and Antifa, both predominantly run (and manned) by suburban, Millennial white leftists, have the temerity to advance what they think is in the best interest of non-white people.  

Turns out that thinking non-white people understand the importance of law and order and the responsibilities that police have in trying to maintain order.  It is not a perfect system, and it is wrought with opportunities for improvement, but, as black people (seemingly) understand, dismantling it under the guise of "social justice" will fall hardest on non-white people and communities.   

Where liberalism has flourished — NYC, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, D.C. — the state of black (and more broadly lower/middle income) America is in decline.

New York City has seen a 130-percent increase in violent crime, impacting persons of color almost exclusively.   

In Minneapolis, murders have increased 95 percent.  Almost all victims and perpetrators were non-white persons.  This past week saw the Minneapolis City Council vote overwhelmingly to dismantle the police.  Police have advised residents to "be prepared to give up your property."

In Louisville, black militants have resorted to mafia-style tactics, issuing demands to local merchants (including a Cuban restaurant) to meet race-based hiring quotas or pay an offset, unless "you want your business to be f----- with."

It is a pivotal time in America for thinking non-white people.  Take a step back, look at the diverging trajectories of liberal versus conservative ideals, and vote for the party and the candidates who will advance the values that elevate and protect your families and your communities.

Whether local, state or national, a vote for Democrats is a vote to defund police and to turn America, and particularly the inner city, into the wild west.  Elections have consequences.  Choose wisely, my friends.

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