Biden minion high-fives reporters covering campaign: 'We did it, guys'

Joe Biden's handlers appear to have made the calculation that pretending the media are not on their side harms their campaign.  They are trying to sell so many illusions — that he is capable of performing the duties of his office and Kamala Harris is a moderate pragmatist, for example — that pretending that the media are unbiased may be a bridge too far.

Polling consistently shows that the public has caught on to media bias, so pretending otherwise subtracts from the campaign's credibility and hampers its task of selling a hard-left socialist agenda as pragmatism.

Kate Bedingfield, deputy campaign manager and communications director for Biden, sent out a tweet that was explicit in its position that the reporters covering the campaign are partisans on its side.  This was no gaffe, but rather a calculated admission from a senior policymaker, one of the handlers who writes the scripts for Biden to follow.

Kate Beddingfield (Twitter video screen grab).

"Shoutout to all of our beat reporters for surviving some of the most painful news cycles of any presidential campaign. Virtual high five to all of you. We did it, guys."

Hank Berrien of The Daily Wire noticed and assembled some tweets from conservatives reacting to the confession:

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