Anti-police Black Lives Matter demonstrators harassed, driven out by local residents in crime-ridden Southside Chicago neighborhood

Well financed activist groups descended in a car caravan on the crime-ridden Englewood neighborhood (42 deaths this year and counting), intending to demonstrate in front of the local police station.  Englewood is where a 20-year-old was shot after allegedly pulling a gun on police, which was used as the excuse for systematic looting of stores on the city's Magnificent Mile shopping district.

But the activists did not get the reaction they must have been expecting.

William Lee reports in the Chicago Tribune:

A planned protest outside the Englewood police station Tuesday evening over a recent police-involved shooting devolved into shouting matches among demonstrators, with threats and insults hurled back and forth, after a group of older residents derided the event as "a party" and demanded that outsiders leave.

Eventually tempers cooled somewhat after several small confrontations, and people started talking. In the end, a much smaller group of demonstrators marched through Englewood while a large number of protesters headed home.

Nobody has suffered more from the activities of Black Lives Matter and associated groups than inner-city black residents.  When stores are looted and burned, they have nowhere nearby to obtain daily necessities.  And when police back off or use excessive caution, it is inner-city blacks who bear the brunt of the resulting upsurge in crime.

The Victory Girls blog has extensive coverage of the local groups' outrage, including some interesting videos.

On Tuesday evening, activist groups came to Englewood via car caravan to protest a South Side police station. These included demonstrators from Black Lives Matter Chicago, Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, and Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. When you have groups that include the words "Liberation" and "Racist and Political Repression" in their names you know that they're not planning to discuss issues over coffee. They wouldn't mind stirring up some trouble.

So what do these groups want? Oh, the usual: defund police, remove police from schools, and more money for social services. (snip)

One man, 42-year-old Duane Kidd, accused BLM of "throwing a party."

"This is propped up. They're throwing a party."

Then, added Kidd, the protesters will go home and "they'll be sipping sangria."

Kidd also fumed that agitators shut down the main street, making movement difficult for elderly residents of Englewood:

"They got the streets shut down. What about the elders that have to get up and down 63rd Street? Now they got to take the side routes."

Did the BLM groups bother to think about their elders? Or anyone else in that neighborhood? (snip)

Darryl Smith, Englewood resident and president of a local political task force, argued that agitators upset a fragile balance in the neighborhood.

"When they leave, the police are going to be pulling us over. The police are going to be pulling our kids out of cars for no reason. Because the police are bitter now. You come and shut down 63rd Street, all this extra manpower, they're mad."

Smith raged at the outsiders, asking them where they were when nine Englewood children were shot. He tore into both the "white n******" and "black "n******" and "bozos" who came unannounced into his neighborhood. It wasn't eloquent or safe for work, but it sure was some glorious shade.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

There's a lot of raw language and outrage in this 3-minute video of the locals reacting:

Local TV, to its credit, covered the views of the anti-agitators:

YouTube screen grab.

One of the groups protesting, GoodKidsMadCity, spoke to the media as well, showing off their custom-made, logo-embossed face masks and t-shirts.

Their first spokeswoman was Miracle Boyd, who garnered a lot of media attention after getting some of her front teeth knocked out during the violent demonstration attempting to pull down the statue of Columbus in Grant Park, during which dozens of police officers were injured by objects thrown at them.

As you can see, she's managed to have some first-class dentistry (which is not cheap) in the last four weeks.

Twitter video screen grab.

The Biden campaign and the Democrats have foolishly signed onto the anti-police movement.  Black crime victims who understand their need for police protection are a prime opportunity for the Trump campaign and Republicans to shatter the 90% level of support that blacks traditionally have given to the donkeys.



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