About Democrats and those so-called stimulus package 'compromises'

On the current congressional stimulus imbroglio, Democrats start out asking for $3 trillion, and then they throw in more crap to make it $3.4 trillion or some similar number, and remember: there is a lot of money left for spending from recent previous bills.  It's always all about how big the taxpayer cash to be spent can be.

Republicans come back with $1 trillion.

Then, in the past day, Pelosi says the Democrats will "compromise" — they will take out one trillion if Republicans add a trillion, and the number Pelosi comes up with is $2.7 trillion.  My negotiations for a raise or to buy a car never ended up that one-sided in my favor.

I wonder why kids are so bad at math when the third most powerful politician in the country doesn't know how to add.  This was no add-one-subtract-one.  This so-called compromise was something more like rounding down.  Maybe Pelosi studied Common Core (the Bill and Melinda Gates method of destroying children's math skills) when doing her calculations and where 2 plus 2 equals 5 may not be called the wrong answer.  It was so close.

There are more congressional shenanigans around math, too.

On taxes, President Trump wants to cut payroll taxes, which helps people with incomes up to $137,000.

Democrats keep fighting to get the state and local income tax deduction limitation repealed, which almost exclusively benefits wealthy people with expensive houses in high-tax states like New York and California.  Very few people itemize anymore because Trump and the Republicans substantially increased the standard deduction.  They have stuck the repeal in their COVID relief act with a bunch of other stuff. 

Beyond Congress, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to raise taxes substantially on most people and also wants to raise costs tremendously with whatever version of the Green New Deal they implement if he gets elected.  These policies greatly harm the poor and middle class.  The poor and middle class can't afford electric cars and to redo their houses. 

Everything the Democrats want passed substantially increases the power and money to the government while making more people of all races dependent on the government.  Why are those policies that move the government toward socialism called progressive when they move the country rapidly backward?

Image credit: PBS, YouTube screen shot, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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