A tempest in a Tiburon teapot is a microcosm of the war on police

Mostly lily-white Tiburon, in Marin County, is being roiled by a black store-owner's claim that a police officer racially harassed him.  In advance of a town hall to discuss the matter, town officials have released footage from the officer's video camera.  It is illuminating, to say the least, and shows the breakdown in civil order when people no longer respect a community's police officers. As a starting point, you need to understand that the small town of Tiburon, which is one of the wealthiest communities in America, is also one of the most tightly policed.  The police make sure that the residents and businesses are safe and sound. The historic downtown is filled with pricy boutiques for residents and tourists alike.  One of those pricy little boutiques is a store called Yema, owned by Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash, a husband-and-wife partnership.  He's from Kenya; she's from Ethiopia.  Both are...(Read Full Post)
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