A conversation about Black Lives Matter with a black cop in San Diego

I spoke with a San Diego cop recently.  He is of color.  For purposes of this article, I will call him Ben the cop.  I was interested in getting his take on black Lives Matter.  In doing so, I learned a truth that has, not surprisingly, not been reported by our local San Diego news stations.  It's the simple answer to the question, why have cities like Portland and Seattle boiled over to unmanageable levels but not a city like San Diego? Sure, San Diego, or at least technically one of its suburbs, La Mesa (54% White, 22% Hispanic, 8% African, 6% Asian), was caught off guard initially and had a night of rioting that resulted in some buildings, including a bank, being burned to the ground (sparked within days of George Floyd, by a viral video of a young, smart but foul mouthed black man being, from my point of view, unfairly profiled and arrested by a white cop, and this cop is no longer working for the city in any...(Read Full Post)
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