Your light skin is now your yellow star

It is amazing how closely the Antifa movement is tracking Nazi practices in Hitler Europe. Antifa’s colors come from its German parent organization, called Antifaschistishe Aktion. Street fighting for bloody headlines was part and parcel of the Nazi campaign for power (just as it was for Lenin, Stalin and Mao).

Spreading public fear and ethnic hatreds looks like 1930s all over again. At least one famous funder of Antifa experienced the pre-Nazi era in Hungary in the 30s and 40s, namely György Soros (formerly, Schwartz), who might or might not be pulling the strings.  Street theater is a major ingredient in today's nihilist-totalitarian gangs, and political polarization is coming along nicely.

There is something oddly stereotypical about today's headlines, as if all the Theater Arts and Media Studies majors in the land have carefully learned the agitprop lessons of the worst catastrophe in the history of Europe and Asia. 

English speaking nations did not collapse to the Nazi and Stalinist onslaught, but they nearly died in the process. The French surrendered and moved to Vichy. The Russians under Stalin fought a long and incredibly bitter war to halt the Nazi advance. America was assaulted by Imperial Japan and came close to losing its Pacific fleet. Nazi copycats appeared in the Middle East (the Muslim Brotherhood). The Second World War was not just a battle between armies: It was a huge propaganda war, using the same divide and conquer tactics we see being repeated today. 

Jews were forced to wear the infamous yellow Star of David as a mark of shame, sure to earn ridicule and shaming in public places. Today, your skin color is intended to shame you. If you are Caucasian (or light-skinned Hispanics, Asian, or Middle Eastern), the agitprop campaign is on to shame you. 

But... any true history book reveals the malignant fraud of "anti-white race hating." Jesus was a devout Jew in the line of King David, living in the Galilee. Look on the map to find the Galilee and you can see the likely appearance of people who lived there, which is a sort of Middle Eastern/Caucasian appearance, depending on the season. Summers tan light-skinned peoples around the world, to protect against skin cancer.

But color is utterly and completely irrelevant. What IS important is the color of shame. Near-total media control has the left shaming light-skinned Americans today, the biggest public challenge to the truth of Americanism since the German Bund of the 1930s. 

Conservatives (aka normal Americans) must never forget that we are seeing the Nazi-era theater of the left, played out in our streets with a disregard for public safety that has all of us feeling upset. Upset, maybe, but not intimidated. We will not be intimidated, not even if the mass media turn all of us into Jewish Star wearers. 

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