'Why troops?' asks the mayor of Atlanta

Thankfully, the citizens of Atlanta can tturn tyo Gov. Brian Kemp, who wants the lawlessness to stop.  At least, he is willing to put some troops on the streets to prevent the chaos that is killing more residents.

On the other hand, Mayor Keisha Bottoms dissents on the matter, as we see in this report:   

The mayor of Atlanta said Tuesday that she doesn’t agree with the Georgia governor’s order to mobilize the National Guard in her city as a surge in violence became a political talking point.

A talking point?  

The governor intervened because the city was out of control, or at least a section of it.   Did we forget that gun violence killed five, including Secoriea Turner, an eight-year-old girl?

Furthermore, the mayor allowed the situation to get out of control.   I would add that the Atlanta police force probably has doubts whether this mayor has the backbone to put down the violence.

So what does the mayor object to?  Maybe she does not like that the governor went over her head?  I understand that.  At the same time, several of my friends in Atlanta are not too confident that anything would change.

For whatever reason, we have seen local Democrat governments tolerate levels of lawlessness that put their citizens in danger.  Why is that?  I don't know, but Governor Kemp of Georgia is tired of local politicians doing nothing.

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