Why is there such a focus on the COVID positivity rate versus testing and treating the most vulnerable?

Every day, we hear about low and high positivity rates as if that were the most major point in addressing COVID-19.

Illinois and New York currently have low positivity rates, and the media treat their governors as if they were geniuses.

But over four months into the virus, through July 21:

Florida has ten million more residents than Illinois and 2,200 fewer deaths.  Texas has 17.5 million more residents and 3,200 fewer deaths.  The positivity rate on deaths in Illinois is clearly much higher.

New York has almost 25% of deaths in the U.S.  It has 28,000 more deaths than Florida, with two million fewer residents.

Yet the media constantly genuflect to Cuomo while ripping DeSantis.  Texas has 29,000 fewer deaths than New York, and ten million fewer residents, and we are told to follow New York's policies.  What garbage.

Aren't deaths a better measure of results than positivity rates?

If you test the riskier population, you will have a higher positivity rate.  If you focus on testing everyone, especially people with no symptoms, you will have a lower positivity rate.  Why is that considered great?

If you wanted low positivity rates regarding health care, you could test all women under forty and all men for breast cancer and other forms of cancer and heart disease.  You would get a very low positivity rate, but we would have wasted a lot of money doing it, and the results would be virtually worthless.

Here are low and high positivity rates on different things:

There is an extremely low positivity rate, lower than the seasonal flu, on children having COVID-19, dying from COVID-19, and passing the disease to older people, yet anyone over two has the same rules as 70-year olds, and they are kept out of school.

There are a miniscule number of people who died only because of COVID-19 versus having other much more serious underlying morbidity issues, yet the media and experts are intentionally misleading and scaring the public to believe that the deaths are due to COVID-19.

There is a high positivity rate between deaths and governors who forced nursing homes to take sick patients, yet the media cheer those governors because they currently have low positivity rates.

There is a high positivity rate between Democrat run cities, crime, black deaths, and poverty, yet the media and most Democrats bury those statistics and keep electing Democrats and promoting their big-government, high-tax policies.

There is a high positivity rate among kids in inner cities who fail to meet math and reading standards.  The solution for most of the media, educators, and other Democrats is remote learning and to stop taking or scoring tests so the results aren't seen.  Colleges say they aren't requiring SAT and ACT tests because the tests aren't fair.  The real reason is that the results don't fit the agenda.  They also block poor and minority children from going to charter and private schools despite the positivity rates on tests being higher.

There is a low positivity rate between the number of guns and murders, but the facts don't matter.  The guns are blamed, and more confiscatory laws are promised.

There is an extremely high positivity rate of people in the Obama administration who committed crimes, including perjury, and who were treated as above the law, yet most journalists don't care.

There is an extremely low positivity rate of white cops who kill unarmed, innocent minorities, but the media act as if all white cops were racists and that the positivity rate were very high.

There is a zero positivity rate between temperatures and oil use (temperatures have gone both up and down a little with an exponential rise in oil use), but the media, scientists, educators, entertainers, and other Democrats intentionally lie to the public that the science is settled and that oil must be outlawed and the government is the cure.

There is a high positivity rate among business failures; unemployment; people not paying their bills and draconian, tyrannical, power-hungry politicians shutting down the economy and severely limiting our freedom, yet that is what most of the media and other Democrats are pushing.

There is a low positivity rate between COVID-19 (1.2% of people have tested positive so far, with a huge portion not having symptoms or minor symptoms) and the economic, mental, and physical collapse, yet the headlines always blame the virus.

Get the schools and economy open.  We have never shut the schools and economy down before, nor required masks, social distancing, and gathering in small groups despite the positivity rate being much worse for the seasonal and swine flu.  Are journalists, bureaucrats, and Democrats so consumed with getting power that they don't mind the permanent, immeasurable damage to children, the poor, the middle class, small businesses, and minorities whom they only pretend to care about?

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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