What Rush Limbaugh got wrong about wokeness in pro sports

On Tuesday's broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, the host turned his attention to the upcoming NFL season because he was addressing points made by sportswriter Jason Whitlock, a guest on Monday's Tucker Carlson program.  Limbaugh's concern is that the league will do anything to placate the Black Lives Matter movement to prevent the league from any critics' slings and arrows, whether it is the media, leftist organizations, Democrats, sponsors, or any other group.  Thus, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is thinking of implementing for the first week of the season the Black National Anthem to be followed by the National Anthem.  His take on this strategy was to chastise the NFL leadership and the franchise owners believing they are kowtowing to the protesters and political activists. According to the transcripts of the program, Limbaugh stated: And now they're being aided and abetted by the NFL and the ownership group, which...(Read Full Post)
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