We burned disco records, not neighborhoods, back in 1979

As urban areas recover from the riots and looting of 2020, we are reminded that young people got angry at different things 41 years ago. By the summer of 1979, disco music saturated U.S. radio stations.  Everybody was doing disco, from Paul McCartney's "Goodnight Tonight" to Frankie Avalon's "Venus."  Frankly, it was probably too much disco! On this day in 1979, the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers were scheduled to play a double-header at the old Comiskey Park.  The Sox desperately needed a promotion, and they got one by joining forces with Chicago DJ Steve Dahl, one of many rock fans who resented how disco threatened rock 'n' roll. The promotion called for fans to blow up disco vinyl 45s and LPs between games. What could possibly go wrong?  Everything did, as we see in this story at Rolling Stone: The game sold out, but thousands of additional ticketless fans showed up to...(Read Full Post)
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