Trump's troll trap for Biden's brain test is working against other leftists

When President Trump had his interview last Sunday with Chris Wallace, he made two points: the first was that Joe Biden's brain is running on empty.  The second was that Trump had taken a test of his cognitive ability and passed, but it was "very hard."  Leftists fell over themselves laughing because, as they repeatedly claimed, the test is a dead easy one intended to prove minimal mental functioning. I wrote that Trump (of course) wasn't the fool the leftists thought he was.  Instead, Trump was baiting a trap for Biden.  If leftists are correct that the test is so easy, Biden shouldn't have a problem taking it.  That is, the test shouldn't be a problem for him if he is, as his supporters insist, cognitively intact. The Biden campaign is now in a corner.  If Biden doesn't take the test, he looks as if he's hiding because he can't pass.  And if he takes the test, few...(Read Full Post)
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