Trump's troll trap for Biden's brain test is working against other leftists

When President Trump had his interview last Sunday with Chris Wallace, he made two points: the first was that Joe Biden's brain is running on empty.  The second was that Trump had taken a test of his cognitive ability and passed, but it was "very hard."  Leftists fell over themselves laughing because, as they repeatedly claimed, the test is a dead easy one intended to prove minimal mental functioning.

I wrote that Trump (of course) wasn't the fool the leftists thought he was.  Instead, Trump was baiting a trap for Biden.  If leftists are correct that the test is so easy, Biden shouldn't have a problem taking it.  That is, the test shouldn't be a problem for him if he is, as his supporters insist, cognitively intact.

The Biden campaign is now in a corner.  If Biden doesn't take the test, he looks as if he's hiding because he can't pass.  And if he takes the test, few in America would be surprised if he were to fail and fail badly.

It was a perfect Trump maneuver, one that saw him bait a Demo-rat trap and have the left gallop into it.  I'm betting, though, that Trump didn't expect that he'd catch more rats than Biden himself.  On Thursday, though, a second rat walked right into the trap and had it snap shut on him.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, a man whose values are all messed up but who seems to have some functioning intelligence, didn't even take the full test on air with his buddy Chris Cuomo.  Instead, he waved it around, glanced at it, and made a giant mistake.  Tucker Carlson was all over this story:

Now that you've watched that, do not forget that these two men — Lemon and Cuomo — are insisting that they're smart enough to tell you how to vote, for whom to vote, and what values you should share.

You really must see the full interview in which Trump discusses why he took the test, what was in the test, and why Biden should take the test:

Did you catch how Trump repeated over and over that list of five random items?  Just try imagining Biden repeating that list of random things even once.

I can already hear Biden.  "Person, potato, and, and, you know...the thing!"  The trap is baited for Joe.  Lemon stepped in it and was caught.  I'm willing to guarantee that for Biden, the accurate answers if he takes the test will be "lose, lose, lose, lose, and fail."

Image: YouTube screengrab.

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