Tie police hands, and you will see lots of citizens with AR-15s

We learned that some people in Minneapolis have begun to protect their streets, as we see in this report:

Minneapolis residents have begun patrolling their own neighborhoods after violent crime across the city surged in the aftermath of George Floyd's death in late May.

The patrols, some armed, are part of a largely grassroots efforts to protect neighborhoods, businesses, and residents from rioters and criminals. Some groups have constructed barriers at the entrance to their neighborhoods and control who can enter, according to the Wall Street Journal.

All of this reminds me of the people defending their town against the James gang in the famous Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery of 1876.  In other words, the people couldn't rely on the authorities and protected themselves.  They blocked the exits, and Jesse James was lucky to get out alive.  By all accounts, it was the beginning of the end for the James Gang.

In this case, the people of Minneapolis would rather rely on the police.  In fact, they love their police as most people in the country do.  Unfortunately, irresponsible leadership has tied the police's hands and left the citizens vulnerable to criminals.

Two things have come out of all this spectacle.  First, people in Democrat-run cities have learned that their leaders won't defend them.  And second, the 2nd Amendment is here to stay.

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