The return of the angry white voter

This morning I scanned the latest headlines.  One came from Christianity Today, often referred to as the "magazine for pastors," titled “Our Nostalgia is Spiritually Dangerous.” That premise is provocative and prompted me to reflect whether I should be fundamentally concerned with the state of local, national, and global affairs, or whether I’m simply longing for the good old days.  The author asserts “Giving into fantasies of the past cheats us of the opportunity to cultivate hope that overcomes despair.”  In evaluating whether I am “nostalgic,” I considered the following data and issues. As of Q1 2020, and over the last decade, Federal Public Debt doubled to $23.2 Trillion,  and that number is expected to grow significantly, with more stimulus packages on the horizon -- consumers, small and large businesses, State and Local governments, and perhaps some lending institutions are all expected to hold their...(Read Full Post)
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