The real BLM

Someone comes to the front door of the house where you live and says he would like to put a sign in your window.  It is not large, probably 12 X 12 inches.  It says in big black letters, "BLACK LIVES MATTER."

How would you respond?

I went to my favorite bakery this morning and parked in front.  Directly facing me was a sign like the one described above.  I sat for a minute or two.  I drove away without buying anything.  I probably won't ever go back.

But I feel bad.  Was the owner threatened when asked to put that sign up?  Or was it the owner's decision to put the sign up?

I have a business.  I am a one-man shop.  So I am non-cancelable.  Yeah, right — until someone comes to the front door of my shop and says he would like to put a sign in my window.

If I put it up, my windows will be safe, right?  Unless some bigot like me shows up and is offended by the sign.  And the windows are no longer safe.  Or, more likely, customers are lost.

My son's response was pretty good.  He said he would tell them to give him the sign, and he would decide what signs he would like placed in his window.

Another response might be to cave like a Democrat and say, sure, put the sign up.  Then, like the cowards they are, immediately remove it, claiming that a bigoted Republican did it.

I don't like the feel of this.  Why might I be forced to confront a protester?  Why don't they just leave me alone?

The person who showed up on the bakery doorstep with the sign has essentially demonstrated the thesis behind Black Lives Matter: black folks, at least some of them, are self-segregating.  And demanding my endorsement.

What could be more racist?

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