The left wants a new definition of what it means to be human

The quality of a society is determined by the quality of its people, and I'm sorry to say that those among us who wish to "tear down the system" and replace it with Bernie's communist gibberish are postmodern flowers of evil.  Having rejected logical, fact-based, rational discussion as symptomatic of privileged white supremacy and having thrown God onto the trash heap, they goose-step with the absurd and the irrational, accompanied by an acute diminution of language acuity and the swinish manners of a mob gangster.  (Yes, that means you, Nancy Pelosi.) The left's dystopia was perhaps inevitable due to the creeping "communization" of the USA over the last eighty years or more and its recent Faustian embrace of global capitalism, both of which now suppress free speech.  Large swathes of society are already "communized" — academia, schools, unions, the amoeba-like bureaucracy, information...(Read Full Post)
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