The left wants a new definition of what it means to be human

The quality of a society is determined by the quality of its people, and I'm sorry to say that those among us who wish to "tear down the system" and replace it with Bernie's communist gibberish are postmodern flowers of evil.  Having rejected logical, fact-based, rational discussion as symptomatic of privileged white supremacy and having thrown God onto the trash heap, they goose-step with the absurd and the irrational, accompanied by an acute diminution of language acuity and the swinish manners of a mob gangster.  (Yes, that means you, Nancy Pelosi.)

The left's dystopia was perhaps inevitable due to the creeping "communization" of the USA over the last eighty years or more and its recent Faustian embrace of global capitalism, both of which now suppress free speech.  Large swathes of society are already "communized" — academia, schools, unions, the amoeba-like bureaucracy, information monopolies.  The MSM is more left than Pravda.

Back in the day, when I taught English as a second language to refugees from Soviet communism, it astounded me that so many of them privately praised the system they fled.  It gave them a job and free childcare.  It provided them with an apartment.  There was a pension for their old age.  No one had to worry about where his next meal came from, even though they might have to queue in the snow for it.  No one was better than anyone else (equality of outcome) — with the "natural" exception of bosses and administrators.  And the newspapers reminded them daily what fortunate sheep they were.

Only those who were independent thinkers, or who were official "enemies of the people," or who had irritated their neighbors were at risk of the gulag.  (Everyone spied on everyone else.)  It was the perfect welfare state, and many escapees just wanted to live in a wealthier welfare state over here.  Imbeciles Biden, Bernie, and the vicious Squad have them covered.

It is tragically apparent that people who embrace the welfare state and neo-Marxist ideology become an entirely different type of human being from those who wrote the Constitution.  They do not admire the small entrepreneur or free thinker.  They constitute a mass market for mass-produced goods (including mass information technology), and mass handouts.  And they have a banal, brainwashed "mob" mentality, which abhors personal responsibility and has outsourced "wokeness" to an ever growing catalogue of ritual chants, name-calling, and the wholesale annihilation of any obstacle in their path.  They wear their identities like this season's fashion (except tattoos are not so easy to remove) and insanely subscribe to the perfectibility of society, if only the Deplorables and other designated "hate" groups (whom they have given themselves permission to destroy) can be got rid of.  Worse, the mob may now constitute over 50% of the population, and no matter what the outcome of the coming election is, they won't step down.  If anything, another defeat will exacerbate their ire.

My questions are, number one: has the left permanently dislodged its humanity?  And number two: Is the human who learned to think with the ancient Greeks, who worshiped the Transcendental God with Judeo-Christianity, who held to the personal morality of the Ten Commandments, who worked hard and who believed in checks and balances against tyrannical political power with the Founding Fathers (in other words, the builder of the Republic) — is that person now obsolete?  The left would like to think so!  "Dinosaur" is the word they apply to us.  I beg to differ.

I believe that the answer to the first question is affirmative.  The left (since Marx) has defined all human interaction exclusively within the narrow, doctrinaire framework of power.  You are always and ever either a persecutor or a victim.  Leftists have dishonored justice using the very ideology they designed to enshrine it — a totalitarian system that exiles the enormous and larger part of human experience not pertaining to either domination or submission.  This fanaticism has, in every instance, led to the very violence it allegedly condemns.  In turning into instruments of change, leftists have objectified themselves.  An instrument, after all, is an object.  An object lacks empathy.  They cannot be welcomed back into the family of humanity for as long as they see their function as weapons of "social justice" twaddle, characterized by supreme intolerance of anyone who doesn't fall into line.  They have forfeited our compassion.

But we have a harder task ahead.  Do we still believe that pursuit of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful (harmony) is the proper activity of human beings?  Do we still honor a transcendental God who is both with us and ultimately unknowable?  Do we still believe in personal initiative and responsibility?  Do we wish to purge the administration of corruption?  Then, in order to create a society that reflects those values all over again, we will have to fight hard.  Because the left despises every one of them.  If leftists prevail, we will be reduced to the plight of early Christians in the Roman Empire, or Christianized Rome after the barbarian invasions, because we fell asleep at the wheel.

I hope we have learned our lesson.  Therefore, the proper response to the left's intolerance is adamantine — fight and take no prisoners!  This is not only an existential struggle, but an ontological one.  We fight for a particular interpretation of what it is to be human.

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