The current crisis demands a new campaign slogan for President Trump

President Trump needs a new campaign slogan.  Make America Great Again was spot on for 2016.  The focus on the forgotten men and women in middle-class America, sold out by the globalist elites and the political swamp was a classic triumph.  It was truthful storytelling at its best.  People are drawn to the hero narrative, where good conquers evil.  Americans have not surrendered this ideal.  Trump not only told the story, but revealed truths long hidden from Americans by the fake news media.  Now it is time to tell the truth story again, about how America needs to be saved from the Marxist, hateful, anti-American radical left lunatics.

Perfect for 2016, but times have changed.
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

America's story is not being taught in school or passed on from one generation to the next.  Too many of our children, and young adults, can't recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing "The Star-Spangled Banner."  When I was a public school teacher, one boy asked me why the pledge talks about two witches: "... and to the Republic two witches stand, one nation under God ..."  This is a cute story and may seem trivial.  But now child-adults often think our liberties and freedoms are automatic and universal, versus uniquely protected by our rule of law rooted in our constitutional rights.  What we enjoy in this country is not a luxury, but a God-given path for self-determination exerting our individual freedom and responsibility.  This was codified by our Founding Fathers, who risked their lives and family futures should the American Revolution fail.  Totalitarianism and tyranny despise individual freedom and responsibility — the bulwarks of the American system.  This is the systemic system the race-baiters and race-hijackers seek to destroy. 

A phrase that absolutely triggers the purveyors of hate against America is "American exceptionalism."  Ian Tyrrell writes about the genesis and foundational meaning of this phrase and its evolution.  In the early 1900s, communists subscribed to the idea that "U.S. capitalism and its abundance, made the country temporarily unfavorable terrain for the development of socialism" and because of its unique moral foundation and democratic institutions, America was exceptional in being an exception to Marxist doctrine.  Some communist revolutionaries embraced, "eventually, the idea that the U.S. would permanently avoid the socialist stage of development."  These are the very systemic American institutions that are now under attack, under the false auspices of racism, by the energized Marxists movement.  As one strong woman said, defending a Teddy Roosevelt statue in NYC, "this is not about race anymore.  It never really was.  This is about taking apart the fabric of America."

Trump needs to lead the Save America campaign by revealing the true story of what is unfolding across our country and help the silent majority find their voice.  Saving should not be confused with lack of growth and perspective.  It means not surrendering our exceptionalism — moral foundation, democratic institutions, and capitalism — to Marxist anarchists who seek to destroy our country.  We need to save the inner city; save people destined for lives of crime; save people living in violent communities; save victims of wrongdoing; save education; save our history and heritage; save our art; save our books; save our culture; save our freedoms of religion, speech, defense, and peaceful protest; save our law enforcement and rule of law; save America.  Trump can tell this story.

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