The Catholic Bishops need to get louder about statues

For the most part, local priests have read Bishops' letters about racism and social injustice.  Who can disagree with that objective?   Unfortunately, what we are seeing in the U.S. is lot more complicated than people angry with George Floyd's death.   I see an attack on our values, our faith, and our history.   It reminds me a lot of what Castro did in Cuba when history was rewritten to justify a communist takeover.   The island's history was changed to present a poor country desperately waiting for a Cuban Robin Hood, i.e. watch the stupid "Godfather II" scene of people rushing to their boats.   History books presenting Cuba's prosperity disappeared and the children were told that it was CIA propaganda.    Last, but not least, Castro "canceled" Catholic education because there were too many foreign priests teaching kids.   Enter attacks on...(Read Full Post)
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