Taxpayer dollars go to the Treasury Department for racist anti-white training

The Black Lives Matter movement has exposed one of the most pernicious ideas in modern American culture: "critical race theory."  This is a purely leftist idea that contends that white supremacy is so interwoven into America's judicial and economic fabric that it can be excised only by having whites abase themselves completely and withdraw themselves entirely from America's public and private institutions.

Critical race theory has no room for individuality, cultural change, or human adaptability.  Instead, in a world defined by critical race theory — with its now endlessly repeated claim of "systemic racism" — America is caught in a time warp, where it is doomed to replay its racial sins for eternity.  One of the people who caught on to this fact was Ryan Bomberger, who is partly black.  He gave ten reasons for rejecting BLM, one of which is that the movement functions as a religion without redemption:

There is no goal of forgiveness or reconciliation. None. It's never mentioned on their sites. You can't talk about the sins of the past and expect to move forward if there is no intention of forgiveness. I'm tired of the deeply prejudiced oppressed/oppressor critical race theory paradigm. It's not Gospel-centered. This should, immediately, be a deal-breaker for Christians.

Despite the dead-end nature of critical race theory, including the fact that it precludes change, hucksters have made a good living getting corporations to hire them to lecture white employees on how awful they are.  Currently, Robin DiAngelo is the leftist's darling for telling white people that they are irredeemably racist.  The City of Seattle also hired a team of race-hustlers to tell white employees how racist they are.  Regarding that last point, most people just said something along the lines of "What can you expect from a Democrat-run city?"

However, we also have a Democrat-run Deep State in Washington, D.C., and we should care about that.  The Treasury Department has shelled out taxpayer money to hire Howard Ross ("he/him/his").  Ross, who is white, is a race-hustler who's already extracted $5 million from the federal government so he can tell employees that whites are racist.  Ross's shtick also advances the insulting notion that blacks are trembling, broken, fragile little flowers.  It's disgusting.

Christopher F. Rufo has become the go-to guy when employees want to get the word out about the racist attacks to which they're being subject, so he was the one who broke this story.  This is a long Twitter narrative, but you need to read every word.  Doing so will help you understand how your money is being used to elevate racial disharmony and to advance a weird black supremacy, one based upon the horrific notion that blacks are supreme because they're weak and victimized:

Let me be absolutely clear.  I utterly and completely reject critical race theory and the idea of systemic racism.  It's not because I'm white.  It's because I'm a student of history.  I understand that every group that has come to America (including many of the original settlers) has been subject to varying degrees of discrimination.  Blacks, sadly and embarrassingly, were subject to extraordinary degrees of discrimination over obscenely extended periods of time.


Blacks, like all other people (because we are brothers and sisters behind our different skin colors), are adaptable.  They showed strength when faced with discrimination and began to make the same strides as every other group when that discrimination ended.  What ruined them was the welfare culture, which made an evil deal with them: sacrifice the fathers in your community, and the government will give an endless trickle of money.

Those blacks who did not embrace that welfare culture (most notably recent immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean) have thrived.  This shows that the problem isn't systemic racism; it's the Devil's bargain too many American blacks made with the Democrat party. Break the Democrat party, and blacks with deep roots in America can finally take advantage of the opportunities available in the least systemically racist country in the world.

Images: Twitter screen grab.

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