'Systemic racism' charges cover up a multitude of liberal sins

The epithet "systematic racism" is being screeched nonstop in a gigantic echo chamber. That same echo chamber is chattering that we must "re-examine policing." 

Well, we have already seen what the re-imagining in Democrat-run rat holes looks like: cops bloodied by faux "peaceful protesters"; cops shot to death, in cold blood, during routine car stops; frenzied whites joining emboldened blacks, egged on by the woke crowd hiding behind their private security guards, as the revved up, pent up, frustrated, quarantined vandals plunder, burn, and maim.  This is not a peaceful protest.  This is not anarchy.  This is treachery and criminality and the hammer blow to civilization on a stage writ large.

Close your eyes.  The millennia slip away.  Game of Thrones is at your doorstep, or at least broadcast or streamed into to your living room.

Democrats cheer the mayhem; Republicans mostly cower. 

Yes, black lives matter, but the BLM organization doesn't.  It's website, while hiding its ties to terrorist and anti-Semitic hate-mongers well, decries the nuclear family, despises capitalism, and extols a socialist/Marxist-style community.  If one is single or singly raising a child, community can help.  But community should co-exist with and enhance, if possible, the nuclear family rather than denigrating the cornerstone of society. 

The power-hungry thugs can't co- exist with family, in BLMorg land, because family diminishes their lust for power and their attempt to control what America says, what America thinks, who is allowed to speak, and how America acts.  Defy them at your own peril.  If you don't, you will probably lose your job, your reputation, your Twitter account, your business, your safety, and even your city. 

BLM the organization hates the Declaration of Independence, the original Constitution, the American Flag, "The Star-Spangled Banner," "G-d bless America," and America itself.  But history and the creation and life of the United States are a process.  These are not a static photo capturing a moment in time, but an ever-changing timeline.  Many of the framers detested slavery.  But the Constitution was the start, not the end. 

That Jews and Jewish leaders find common cause with BLM the organization is destructive, demoralizing, and dangerous.  Not all, but many in BLM are followers of Louis Farrakhan, Hitler's brother by another mother.  They come out of their anti-Semitic closets openly and without remorse.  For example, sweet-appearing anti-Semite Nick Cannon gets fired by Viacom for his anti-Semitic hate blog post.  No biggie — Diddy immediately offers him another gig.  The Democrats and Jewish Democrats say nothing.  Thugs set fire to federal buildings — the Democrats and mainstream media echo chamber ricochet: they are peaceful protesters.  Don't believe your lyin' eyes. 

Julia Roberts, in 1997, starred in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding.  In the movie, her male best friend, Jimmy, announces he will be married in four days.  Julia flips out as she suddenly realizes she is in love with him and attempts multiple ways to break up the relationship that almost succeed. However, as Jimmy is chasing after his intended bride and Julia is chasing after Jimmy, another friend succinctly and famously asks, "Who's chasing you?"  Slapped in the face with reality, she "fesses up," Jimmy forgives her, and the wedding takes place. 

Republicans need a good slug of reality to push them into the arena, in which they were elected to participate, and fight back.  Otherwise, not enough voters will be chasing them in November.

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