Swalwell makes a new stink about Nazis, and Grenell clears the air

It's the Fourth of July, the 244th anniversary of America's founding, everyone is mulling the greatness of America described in President Trump's speech. Rep. Eric Swalwell, though, has decided that now's about the time to bring up Nazis.

Talk about verbally stinking up the joint.

He started in on a guy he was really unwise to start in on, former acting Director of National Intelligence, and former U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, not thinking the matter through: First thing he did was bring up Nazis, and attempt to pin the Nazi label on Grenell:


Which was some highly offensive little-snot-style trolling, given that Grenell is not only an anti-Nazi, he's also a gay man and people like him were marked for extermination by the Nazis.

But Grenell is a higher breed than Swalwell, and went for a simple, reasoned towel-snap at the little toad:



Here's the little punk's backtalk:



Prompting one Twitter denizen to wonder this:



Swalwell was obviously looking to pick a fight, and bring up Nazi talk, a matter he knows nothing about, other than its value to him as a means of scoring cheap political points. The impeachment Democrat, who was last seen passing gas in public, has found a new way to stink up a joint by flinging this talk at anyone associated with President Trump. But he picked the wrong guy and made a fool of himself, again, stinking up the joint, much as he's done in other contexts. He's every inch the laughingstock he seems, a condition brought on by excessive leftwingery and too much self-regard. Since no one can respect him, his best bet now is to crawl under some rock.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot


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