Some numbers from Texas

Blue wave in Texas?  Let's look at some numbers.

On Tuesday, Texas Democrats nominated Mary "M.J." Hegar to run against Senator John Cornyn.  Miss Hegar defeated state senator Roy West.  Altogether, fewer than 1 million Democrats showed up to vote: 52–47% or 40,000 votes.

It was a contested election with lots of radio ads.  Most of the ones I heard were about the West campaign, claiming that Hegar was not a liberal.  On the other hand, she promoted her electability.

I understand that COVID-19 was a factor, but compare these numbers with the first round in March.

Senator Cornyn got 1.4 million votes in the GOP primary, and the entire Democrat ballot less than 1 million again.

So fewer than a million pre-COVID-19 and about the same during the pandemic.

By the way, President Trump got 1.9 million votes in March compared to 1.7 million for the top six Democrats.

Is Texas turning blue?  I don't think so, and these numbers confirm my opinion.

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Image credit: Wapcaplet via Wikipedia.

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