Social media giants want China to have a say in American health care

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook deleted video of a press conference in which the group America's Frontline Doctors challenged Dr. Fauci's viewpoint.  Most notably, group members asserted that hydroxychloroquine cures the Wuhan virus and may act as a preventative.  What's concerning about the social media giants' response is that they justify their censorship by insisting that the World Health Organization's pronouncements are the only acceptable standard. Monica Showalter discussed in detail how YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook removed the press conference showing America's Frontline Doctors.  Leftists have also challenged the doctors involved, claiming they are crackpots who cannot be relied upon for scientific conclusions.  (For example, the most prominent speaker, Stella Immanuel, embraces both science and non-science.)  This post isn't about whether the doctors at the press...(Read Full Post)
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