So long, sports — nice knowin’ ya

If you're already fed up with the repugnant race pandering from sports like NASCAR and the English Premier League, get ready for much worse.  Watching the NBA or NFL will be tantamount to endorsing the loathsome ideology of BLM and Antifa.  Take a knee, sports fan, or take a hike.

I'm choosing the latter.  When I turned on the restart of the EPL to see all teams take the knee while wearing Black Lives Matter on their jerseys, my viewing days were over.  The fake-noose abomination and subsequent race pandering of NASCAR ended that decades-long kinship.

Even watching sport shows has become unbearable, as each commentator, especially the whites, stumbles over the others to prove their undying wokeness.  They hate their knuckle-dragging racist audience even more than the players do.

There may be no crying in baseball, but sports sure has a lot of groveling these days.

The politicization and racial proselytism now mandated by athletes is a desecration of the games and their traditions.  And what gives these million-dollar babies the right to demand sports submit to their race-mongering?  Well, they can run fast, throw a ball, make a basket, and jump high.  They can extort whatever they want from the games, and their white enablers sure aren't going to object.  They're on both knees already and willing to supplicate themselves fully if demanded.

Sports have meant an enormous amount to black advancement the past 50 years, and that has been accomplished with the backing and support of the fans, white and black.  Thanks for nothing.

Freedom of speech is forbidden by the BLM presidium and its toadies, so don't even think of resisting aloud.  We viewers can only speak through our remotes.  The COVID epidemic taught us we can live without sports; the pandering makes that an imperative.

Do the right thing.  Turn the channel.

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