Saddled with Biden, the DNC must rely on bait and switch to win

In April of 2019, and after months of hesitation, former vice president Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president.  In a three-and-a-half-minute taped video, he delivered an impassioned, well articulated speech, explaining his reasons for challenging Donald Trump for the White House.  The now archived announcement is easy to find on the internet; however, the Joe Biden of last April is clearly not the same man today.  His most recent media presser on June 30 was cringe-worthy and left no doubt in anyone's mind that Biden is clearly suffering from serious mental decline.  The presumptive Democrat nominee not only veered off scripted notes, but once again resorted to inappropriate name-calling while frequently mispronouncing words, as well as uttering bizarre and inexplicable phrases.  Watching him struggle from the podium was awkward, and it's evident that the DNC must now change up campaign tactics, in order to carry...(Read Full Post)
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