Russia is just a smokescreen for Democrats' shameful double standard on China

Russia has always been a nuisance, and probably always will be. It is the biggest country in the world geographically. Many of the world’s greatest novels (War & Peace, Crime & Punishment), greatest composers (Tchaikovsky), high arts (ballet), and scientific achievements (Sputnik) come from Russia. It's a nation with much to be proud of, but it has never accepted into the Oxford and Harvard clubs (much like Donald Trump), and it never will be. Russia has always been at pains to win respect on the world stage, even in its post-Soviet era. When it can't, the huge nation acts out, like the guy at the frat party who, because the cool kids can’t be bothered with him, turns to mischief by pouring some vile fluid into the punch bowl or instigates a cowardly cyberattack. Valid or not, everyone knows Russia is no superpower. It is no economic force. Although Russia does have nuclear weapons, what Russia seeks is influence and prestige,...(Read Full Post)
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