Regarding the Wuhan virus, if you think you're being lied to, you're right

Ever since the Wuhan virus appeared on the scene, Americans have been bombarded with information,  misinformation, re-information, and disinformation.  In the beginning, this information soup was understandable, given that the virus was new. For that reason, many communities agreed to be shut down for a couple of weeks "to flatten the curve." Since those murky beginnings, though, we've learned a lot about the virus, including how to treat it and how to protect the elderly, making it significantly less lethal.  Still, politicians — usually Democrats — are using the virus as an excuse to achieve non-virus goals.  For example, they're pushing for more government handouts and dependency, a weakened economy favorable to Biden, mail-in voting, and limited religious worship.  And even as they lock people in their homes and shut down businesses, they encourage mass protests and riots that also achieve...(Read Full Post)
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