Pelosi hold stimulus checks hostage to left-wing ambulance-chaser lobby

At a time when most Americans just want to get back to work and on with life, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains, the troll at the bridge, not just holding up $1,200 worker stimulus checks expected in the next coronavirus stimulus package, but in keeping the entire economy shut down until Joe Biden is elected president.

Here's her witch-like stance:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Democrats will oppose liability protections for employers of "essential workers" in any future coronavirus package in a Sunday interview on CBS's Face the Nation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) previously described inclusion of liability protections for businesses and doctors as mandatory for any agreement on a coronavirus relief bill. "If there's any red line, it's on litigation," he said. He added, "If there is another bill that passes in the Senate, it will include the liability protections."

It's quite a bit of hypocrisy to be coming from a top Democrat.  After all, if anyone should be sue-able, it should be her Democratic coeval, Andrew Cuomo of New York, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, and Phil Murphy of New Jersey — all of whom seeded their states' nursing homes with COVID patients, despite warnings from nursing homes, killing at least 12,000.  Those governors have blood on their hands...and total protective immunity from lawsuits.

The idea behind Pelosi's leaving open the door to lawsuits for business is twofold. 

First, hamstring the businesses with the entire responsibility for the COVID outbreak so that anyone who catches COVID can make these businesses his personal jackpot, sue-able by left-wing lawyers, provable or not, because nobody truly knows how these things are proven.  Would an airline care to stay open under such circumstances?  Would a Hello Kitty store?  Don't think so, so no more airlines, no more stores.  See how it works?  Who'd want to stay open under such circumstances?  Someone shows up at your business, refuses to wear a mask, fails to socially distance, talks and coughs loudly, and bango: sue the business for big bucks once he gets COVID.  Democrats in fact have spoken of using COVID as a weapon — remember Candi CdeBaca? So any pro-Trump business would become an immediate target.

Who'd want to stay open under such circumstances?  Democrats have never liked businesses, so keeping them shut is a natural goal in itself for them.  Their real goal, though, is to keep the economy shut down; keep Americans out of work; and keep them discontented, more inclined to riot, and more inclined to Blame Trump come Election Day.

Second is to succor left-wing lawyers, a key campaign donation base for Democrats.  Breitbart has the details here.  Taking the economy hostage to reward the ambulance-chasing class and all the big bucks it can make from vast shakedowns of business is one hand washing the other, as the swampers say.

What's disgusting here is that Pelosi is using the entire stimulus package to do this, to help her left-wing pals out as well as keep Americans lean and hungry.  That includes workers' $1,200 relief checks, a figure the immensely wealthy Pelosi in the past has dismissed as "crumbs."  The  other hostages to this unreasonable demand are in battered, looted, trashed, burned, broke, idle small businesses, and their battered, laid off workers, who just want to get back to normal.

In a way, she's holding the whole country hostage to her demand to elect Joe Biden.  Workers seem to be aware of this, based on recent polls.  And she's done stunt like this many times.  One hopes that this time, the public will see right through her, and it will all blow up in her face.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0, stylized with FotoSketcher and Paint 3D.

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