On BLM, Antifa, Democrats mean the opposite of what they say

The leftist Democrat opposite/projection rule states that whatever name they have chosen to work under must be 180 degrees opposite of what they are actually doing.  Two clear examples are "Antifa" and "Black Lives Matter."

The name "Antifa" is supposed to express the group's anti-fascist sentiments.  In reality, the group regularly assaults people with different views, shuts down free speech, and uses violence to put towns and cities in a state of fear, which is an accurate description of what a fascist is and does. 

The name "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) is supposed to express the group's desire to stop the senseless violence and bloodshed in the black community.  Yet BLM has never protested in a Democrat-controlled city to address the sickening and staggering number of black-on-black murders that occur.

An overwhelming number of black community leaders have publicly stated the need for more police presence in the inner cities because they are aware that increasing patrols save black lives.  However, BLM has marched in the opposite direction and has successfully forced the defunding of various police departments.  BLM is now moving to completely disband all police, which would exponentially increase the death tolls of the very people they say matter. 

As far as the projection side of the rule, two clear examples pull the masks off of the charade. 

For three years, leftist Democrats shouted out through their propaganda networks that President Trump had worked with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

Not ninety-nine percent, but one hundred percent of all evidence collected thus far has revealed that Hillary Clinton and the leftist Democrats worked with Russia through Fusion GPS to steal the election from Donald Trump.  In fact, the scandal, now being investigated by the Department of Justice, is considered the first genuine coup attempt against a sitting U.S. president. 

And let's not forget the constant rants by Hillary Clinton and the leftist Democrats that it would be un-American and dangerous if Donald Trump did not accept and support the 2016 election results.

However, in pure projection form, the overwhelming and unmistakable evidence has been that it was and is Hillary Clinton and the leftist Democrats who never accepted the 2016 election results and continue to openly work to destroy Donald Trump's lawful and legitimate presidency.

 So the opposite/projection rule is a time-tested way to see the leftist Democrats for who and what they are. 

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