No more pandemic panic, please

As expected by most observers, the number of cases of Covid-19 continues to increase across the country. There are primarily three reason for the spike in cases:

1.   More testing is being performed

2.   People are moving about as the economy opens up

3.   Massive protests and riots across the country

The next statistic that will be used to frighten the American people will be the increase in hospitalizations that will follow the expanded number of cases. Days or weeks after hospitalizations grow in number, even more deaths are likely to arise.

What will not be reported in the gloomy news roundups is the fact that we now have effective treatments for Covid-19. More appalling, many doctors and hospital systems are refusing to use these effective therapeutics.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a New York family medicine physician, has pioneered a treatment strategy that works well but is still shunned by most of the medical profession and ignored by the mainstream news media. Dr. Zelenko said this on The Dennis Prager radio show of July 10, 2020:

I don’t care what ‘they’ say anymore, I would rather speak directly to the American people and tell them I have some very good news for [them].  We have an answer to the terrible infection, we have a very effective way of treating it. In the high risk groups there is a 99.3% survival [rate] and a 84% reduction in hospitalizations. There is also a 100% survival rate in low risk patients when [our] treatment is started in the first 5 days [of the onset of] an infection.

One of the key reasons for the increase in hospitalizations has also not been widely reported. They are in part due to the re-opening of hospitals to elective surgeries and procedures. These had previously been categorized as non-essential by many state authorities. Hospitals are also using ICU wards to isolate Covid-19 cases and not for the usual ICU acuity care. In addition, some of the ICU admissions are for relatively routine, not Covid-19, hospitalizations.

The early treatment of Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms has proven overwhelmingly effective. In Texas, Dr. Richard Bartlett has a 100% track record of no deaths with his treatment of Covid-19. As part of his protocol, he uses an inexpensive inhaled asthma steroid called budesonide. This treats the pulmonary inflammation that is often the culprit in the death of patients with Covid-19.

Both hydroxycholoquine and budesonide are only a fraction of the cost of Remdesivir with its multiple thousands of dollars per dosage. Is there a financial incentive in maligning the cheaper treatment alternatives? One has to suspect that.

Dr. Zelenko’s protocol of hydroxychloroquine + zinc + azithromycin has been made publicly toxic because President Trump mentioned just the first ingredient during a briefing on March 19, 2020. Yet a study released on July 2, 2020 by the Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit showed a significant reduction in death of over 2,500 hospitalized patients using the Zelenko cocktail of medicines. For reasons that are not clear, the national media has refused to acknowledge this hydroxychloroquine study result, perhaps for fear that President Trump might be given some credit for mentioning the drug. Information on the study can be found on the Internet under “Henry Ford Health study.”

So, if you are someone who has recently tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, there is great hope for you. The challenge is to find a doctor who is not influenced by politics. If you are not currently positive for Covid-19, there is a lot you should consider to maximize your ability to fight off this infection if it comes your way. First and most importantly, take excellent care of yourself which includes: Eating healthy food, exercising daily, keeping your weight down, and taking some immune-helping supplements.

Please check with your own physician prior to taking any medication or supplements, but here is a list I recommend to my patients:

  • Vitamin-C 3,000mg daily
  • Vitamin D3 5,000 IU daily
  • Zinc 50 mg daily
  • Magnesium 400 mg daily
  • Selenium 100ug daily

In addition, stay well hydrated, avoid sugar and excessive alcohol. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, sleep six to eight hours each night, and most importantly manage your stress. Do not rely on being lucky to either avoid getting Covid-19 or surviving the infection should you contract it. Prepare yourself by being in good health and if needed, seek out a doctor that understands that effective treatments are available outside of a hospital setting.


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