Neither Black Lives Matter nor Democrat pols care about black lives

We can debate whether Black Lives Matter is Marxist or not, whether it's grassroots or not, or whether it's a subsidiary of the Democrat party or not, but here's one thing you cannot debate: Black Lives Matter is not about black lives mattering.

The movement does nothing to improve things for American blacks who have been trapped too long in a dead-end underclass or to support the expanding black middle class.  Instead, it's about weaponizing a minute number of activist blacks in America — the indoctrinated college grads and the thugs on the street — to throw the election to the Democrats.

If Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it would stop the annual holocaust of black babies in abortion centers across America.  Abortion, though, is sacrosanct to the Democrats, including Black Lives Matter.

If Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it would support vouchers that protect black children from failing public schools.  Teacher unions, which are the Democrat party's most fanatic supporters, are dead set against competition.

If Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it would tell failing black communities that blaming American history will not cure their systemic ills.  Instead, American blacks must seize control of their destiny and engage in the tried-and-true behaviors that provide a path upward for every American: education, a job, marriage, and children, in that order, without engaging in crime along the way.

If Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it would not encourage its foot soldiers to destroy black communities, burning down black-owned businesses, and driving away all hopes of economic viability.

If Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it would not work to destroy the police.  Yes, there are bad apples, something that could be helped if we broke the tight bond between Democrats and police unions, but the answer is making police better, not erasing them.  Heather Mac Donald has documented the toll on real black lives beginning when BLM used Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, as a reason to drive the police out of black communities:

By early 2015, the resulting spike in shootings and homicides had become patent and would lead to an additional 2,000 black homicide victims in 2015 and 2016, compared with 2014 numbers.


In Minneapolis, shootings have more than doubled this year compared to last.


In Chicago, 18 people were killed and 47 wounded in drive- and walk-by shootings last weekend


The previous weekend in Chicago, 104 people were shot, 15 fatally.


New York City's homicide rate is at a five-year high; the number of shooting victims was up over 42 percent through June 21 compared with the same period in 2019. The number of shootings in the first three weeks of June was over twice that of the same period in 2019, making this June the city's bloodiest in nearly a quarter century, according to the New York Times.


Milwaukee's homicides have increased 132 percent.

Most of the murder victims are black, and an inordinate number of them are children caught in the crossfire.

If Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it would support the Second Amendment so that law-abiding black Americans who far outnumber the criminals, can defend themselves.  A moral and armed society is a safe society.

And if Black Lives Matter cared about black Americans, it wouldn't encourage farcical "autonomous zones" that are lawless, deadly places in which black lives don't matter at all.  If you have a box of tissues at your side, watch Sean Hannity's interview with Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Sr., whose 19-year-old son died last month in Seattle's Black Lives Matter zone ("CHOP").  Lil Renz's life mattered a great deal — but not to BLM, not to the people in CHOP who refused police aid, and not to the mayor of Seattle, who praised CHOP but couldn't be bothered to send her condolences to Mr. Anderson:

Please remember that Black Lives Matter is in cahoots with the media and with the spawn of America's hard-left colleges and universities.  The latter are indoctrinated young people who then work for America's corporations and push them to the left.  These forces are loud, but they're not a majority.

Most Americans, no matter their color, are like Mr. Anderson: good people who want a unified country, not the fractured hellhole the Democrat party promises.  (It speaks volumes for Mr. Anderson that, during the interview, his moral support came from Andre Taylor, of Not This Time!, an organization dedicated to "reducing fatal police shootings, changing the laws that govern the use of force, and rebuilding trust between our communities and the police who are sworn to protect and serve us.")

Image: YouTube screen grab.

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