MSNBC host dumbfounded as his panel of pediatricians unanimously support schools reopening

Here is a half-minute of pure political pleasure for conservatives — and parents of school-age children.  With many European countries already re-opening schools, and with science (!) telling us that otherwise healthy children almost ever get or transmit the COVID-19 virus, it really isn't surprising that all six pediatricians on the video panel enthusiastically endorsed re-opening the schools and sending their own children to them. But it pretty clearly came as a shock to the MSNBC host.  (I am afraid that I don't watch enough MSNBC to know his name.) Kudos to Donald Trump, Jr. for tweeting out this priceless video clip: So here we have pediatricians unanimously saying they would “absolutely” send their kids back to school in the fall, “without hesitation.” Stick around for the befuddled anchor’s reaction, “They all said yes.” <span apple="" color=""...(Read Full Post)
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