Mike Rowe explains that reality is going to win with the Wuhan virus

Mike Rowe became famous as the "Dirty Jobs" guy on the Discovery Channel show that ran from 2005 to 2012.  He's now got a show called Somebody's Gotta Do It, and he's recently been filming episodes for that show. Over the years, Rowe has impressed people, not only with his willingness to try his hand at dangerous and dirty jobs, but for his good sense of humor and his admirable pragmatism.  That was on display when he explained that the Wuhan virus will not stop him from working on his television show.  He believes that the virus will do what it's going to do, therefore he refuses to give in to panic or stop living. On his Facebook page, Rowe will occasionally answer letters from people.  The most recent letter came from Darlene Gabon, who thought he was being irresponsible to continue working while the Wuhan virus is still out there: In a recent post, you said you've been to...(Read Full Post)
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