Maybe the media should do their job and fact-check people like Fauci instead of just repeating what they are told

In Jan.: WHO and others said COVID-19 would not spread human to human. 

In Jan., Feb., and early March, Fauci, the CDC, most of the media, and other Democrats said the virus wasn't very dangerous in the U.S. 

Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is 'minuscule'; skip mask and wash hands

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

In late Jan., Trump put a travel ban on China, and he was widely criticized by the experts, Democrats, and most of the media.  They called it an overreaction and called Trump racist and xenophobic, which is what they have called Trump for four years. 

U.S. Coronavirus Quarantine And Travel Limits: Needed Protection Or Overreaction?

Biden flips on China travel ban

Former Vice President Joe Biden now says he supports travel bans to contain the Chinese coronavirus after all – after he previously called the China travel ban issued by President Donald Trump in late January "xenophobia."

In early March, the CDC, Fauci, the NIH, and others said don't wear face masks. 

U.S. health officials say Americans shouldn’t wear face masks to prevent coronavirus

On March 9, Fauci said it was OK to go on cruise ships.

COVID-19 Travel Update: Fauci Says Cruising Is OK If You Are Healthy

Then, suddenly, on March 13, Fauci and the CDC made up numbers and said millions would die and hundreds of millions would get the disease.  There was no science to support this. 

Worst-case coronavirus scenario: 214 million Americans infected, 1.7 million dead

Trump immediately mobilized the private sector and government to address the situation. Within weeks we had huge numbers of ventilators, Masks, PPE and tests. We built thousands of hospital beds that the experts said were needed. They were not.

New York's Temporary Overflow Hospitals Remain Underused Despite COVID-19 Crisis 

On March 25, Cuomo put out an order for nursing homes to take in sick patients, causing thousands to die, and the media cheered Cuomo.  Several governors repeated this idiocy. and thousands died.  (But Cuomo to this day is blaming Trump in collusion with most of the media.)

NY Gov. Cuomo reportedly ordered over 4,300 recovering COVID-19 patients to be sent to nursing homes

<p 0in"="">Cuomo Reverses Nursing Home Directive to Take COVID-19 Patients, Requires More Staff Testing

In early April, the WHO said healthy people should not wear masks. 

WHO says there is no need for healthy people to wear face masks, days after the CDC told all Americans to cover their faces

The states that have been less strict have still had much better overall results.

After months of saying COVID-19 would pass easily on surfaces, they said never mind.  Essentially, they just made it up, just like making up the original modeling numbers.

CDC says COVID-19 not caught easily from surfaces

But according to the media, everything is Trump's fault, and Cuomo and Fauci are perfect.  The idiot Jennifer Rubin called Cuomo and New York competent even though they have the worst results.

Yes, Cuomo has almost 25% of deaths and the second highest deaths per 100,000, and she calls that competent?  That is a very low bar to call it competent!

Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin mocked for calling New York government's COVID response 'competent'

Why don't the media list where the experts have been right and wrong instead of genuflecting to them?  Do your job instead of campaigning for Democrats and cheering the intentional destruction of the economy in order to elect the corrupt, clearly incompetent Biden.

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