Liberals howling over Roger Stone's commuted sentence should remember the Obama years

The media, other Democrat,s and some Republicans like Mitt Romney are feigning outrage that Trump commuted the sentence on Roger Stone. 

They aren't outraged at all that the whole Russian collusion scam that entrapped Stone, Flynn, and others was a pure hoax. 

They aren't outraged that the Obama administration used massive amounts of government personnel and taxpayer money to illegally spy on Trump and his allies in order to destroy Trump and elect Hillary. 

They aren't outraged that Holder, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Lerner, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, and others committed perjury and got off without being charged. 

They weren't outraged that Hillary, her aides, and many others committed major crimes, destroyed records, and obstructed justice and got off scot-free. 

They weren't outraged that Biden, Power, and many others illegally unmasked people and information of people surrounding Trump.

But they are outraged that Trump commuted Stone's sentence.  How rich is that?  Selective outrage is not outrage at all.  They are just pretending because their sole goal is to elect the corrupt, incompetent Biden, and every day, they pick some reason to attack Trump. 

It was so much easier for Obama.  The corrupt, criminal, politicized Justice Department just allowed all the criminals in the Obama crime family to get off scot-free without being charged.  Therefore, no pardons or commutations were necessary. 

He didn't have to let off the corrupt Marc Rich or set free Puerto Rican terrorists as Clinton did. 

When the media and Democrats pretend they care about law and order and equal treatment under the law, just recognize that they don't mean it.  All they care about is power for Democrats, no matter how corrupt they are.  Hence, they supported the career criminal Hillary, and they now support the corrupt Biden, who enriches his family endlessly and genuflects to Obama, who ran the most corrupt administration I have ever seen.  The Russian collusion and spying based on the fictional dossier paid for by the DNC and Hillary dwarf Watergate or anything seen in U.S. history.  Watergate was a flea on a dog's butt by comparison.

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