Kayleigh kicks butt

Yesterday's White House press briefing will not soon be forgotten by the newsies there, who still must be experiencing painful tenderness when sitting down.  The appointment of Kayleigh McEnany as White House press secretary has been a game-changer for the White House press corps.  Her smile and sweet Southern demeanor conceal a steel trap mind and a willingness to turn the tables on the horribly biased propagandists that constitute the overwhelming majority of journalists assigned to the beat.

Yesterday, at the close of a 24-minute press conference (full video embedded below) in which the usual barrage of hostile questions based on mostly false premises were launched against her, she ended with a stunning rebuke to the gathered media, closed her notes, and walked offstage.  The finale lasted less than a minute and was a tour de force.

She said:

And finally, I'd end with this: You know, I was asked probably 12 questions about the Confederate flag. This President is focused on action, and I'm a little dismayed that I didn't receive one question on the deaths that we got in this country this weekend. I didn't receive one question about New York City shootings doubling for the third straight week. And over the last seven days, shootings skyrocketed by 142 percent. Not one question. I didn't receive one question about five children who were killed.

And I'll leave you with this remark by a dad — it broke my heart — a dad of an eight-year-old lost in Atlanta this weekend: "They say black lives matter…you killed a child. She didn't do nothing to nobody," was his quote.

We need to be focused on securing our streets, making sure no lives are lost because all black lives matter — that of David Dorn and that of this eight-year-old girl.

Thank you.

Watch and enjoy:

For the full context, here is the entire briefing:

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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