Jim Jordan laid out the best-ever explanation of the seditious plot to spy on Trump's campaign and take down his presidency

Rep. Jim Jordan's opening statement for the House Judiciary Committee's hearing yesterday was as superb as the behavior of the Democrats was disgraceful.  In just under seven minutes, he laid out the way the plotters spied on candidate Trump and then, after he was elected, worked to cover up their plot.  At each step, he cited the evidence already on the record.

The video in the tweet below is perfect for explaining to friends and relatives the gravity of the sedition undertaken by senior levels of the FBI and the Intelligence Community at the behest of the Obama administration.

Right after this explanation, Jordan introduced and showed video of the actual mayhem on the streets that Democrats and their media enablers described as peace.  Another masterstroke that has the usual suspects squealing.

Hats off to Jim Jordan!

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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