It's time for atheists and progs with Darwin bumper stickers to get rid of their white supremacist dog whistles

It's time to invoke Alinsky's Rule Number Four ("Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules") on those smarmy atheists, progressives, and Jesus-haters who drive around with Darwin bumper stickers and emblems on the back of their cars. You've undoubtedly seen a number of the species of bumper adornments whose origin is scorn for deplorables. And, if you are smart enough to read American Thinker, you almost certainly know that Darwin's most famous book, The Origin of Species, refuted the biblical account of creation and argued that natural selection and evolution created all the multitude of living beings and made Charles Darwin a venerated figure, even a sort of deity to many atheists.  It comforts them to believe they follow science and reason, while the religious faithful are deplorable, retrograde, and superstitious.   I would guess that none of the people driving their ancient Volvos or newish...(Read Full Post)
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