It's time for atheists and progs with Darwin bumper stickers to get rid of their white supremacist dog whistles

It's time to invoke Alinsky's Rule Number Four ("Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules") on those smarmy atheists, progressives, and Jesus-haters who drive around with Darwin bumper stickers and emblems on the back of their cars. You've undoubtedly seen a number of the species of bumper adornments whose origin is scorn for deplorables.

And, if you are smart enough to read American Thinker, you almost certainly know that Darwin's most famous book, The Origin of Species, refuted the biblical account of creation and argued that natural selection and evolution created all the multitude of living beings and made Charles Darwin a venerated figure, even a sort of deity to many atheists.  It comforts them to believe they follow science and reason, while the religious faithful are deplorable, retrograde, and superstitious.  

I would guess that none of the people driving their ancient Volvos or newish Lexuses with Darwin badges of intelligence (as they see it) realize that 12 years after he published his most famous work, Charles Darwin published The Descent of Man, an unapologetic treatise claiming that some races (cough!) are more intelligent than others.  But Down Under, where the capital of the vast Northern Territory sports his name, they have noticed that Darwin was a white supremacist.  Michael Madigan of the Brisbane Courier-Mail writes in a paywalled article:

[C]alling Charles Darwin, that towering scientific figure of the last millennium and father of evolutionary biology, a white supremacist doesn't quite hit the mark.

Chuck was the white supremacist's White Supremacist — the man who actually wrote the book on white supremacy.

It's called the The Descent Of Man, and no one seems to want to talk about it.

Published 12 years after his seminal work On the Origin Of Species, The Descent of Man might be one of the few books that actually justifies a trigger warning.

It contains the sort of commentary that might prompt a skinhead, complete with Doc Marten boots with red plaid shoe laces and a British flag tattooed on his face, to place the book aside in horror and send a curt letter to the author warning of the dangers of extremism.

Darwin puts Australia's Indigenous people in the same sentence as "gorillas'' and suggests that — "like all savage' races" — they will disappear from the earth.

His views on the Irish are also not encouraging. Quoting a scientific colleague, Darwin appears to give an approving nod to the view they are a "careless, squalid, and unaspiring people who breed like rabbits.''

One of the world's most celebrated scientists even has a go at the "retrograded'' Greeks, pondering why they seemed to falter after the golden years of early Athens, and clearly gives the British race top billing in humanity's pecking order.

Writing for a publication of the National Institutes of Health, Steven Rose says that in addition to being a racist, Darwin was unforgivably sexist.

[Darwin was] convinced that evolution was progressive, and that the white races — especially the Europeans — were evolutionarily more advanced than the black races, thus establishing race differences and a racial hierarchy. Darwin's views on gender, too, were utterly conventional. He stated that the result of sexual selection is for men to be, "more courageous, pugnacious and energetic than woman [with] a more inventive genius. His brain is absolutely larger [...] the formation of her skull is said to be intermediate between the child and the man" (). Although female choice explains sexual selection, it is the males who evolve in order to meet the chosen criteria of strength and power; such nineteenth century differentiation between the sexes was crucial in providing an alleged biological basis for the superiority of the male.

I haven't been able to find any statues of Darwin in the United States, but there are a number in his native Britain.  There are reportedly over 300 species that honor his name.

I wonder: how much publicity it would take to provoke BLM peaceful demonstrators into hurling Molotov cocktails into cars with Darwin bumper stickers?

Maybe it's time for "Darwin was a white supremacist" bumper stickers to start appearing on our cars?

Hat tip: John McMahon.

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