It appears that most journalists, Jerry Nadler and other Democrats need a lesson on the difference between the truth and myths

There's a lot of talk being thrown around on the television and the print press, from Democratic pols, journalists, and other Democrats, about assorted "myths" regarding race relations, COVID, and whatnot.

Here are the definitions:

Myth: a widely held but false belief or idea.

Truth: that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality

Here are a few myths that most of the media and other Democrats present to the public as if they were true:

The "hands up don't shoot" narrative, which has been used to gin up racial hate, division, and violence for years.  It is especially used to target white cops.  How many white cops have been injured or killed because so many journalists and other Democrats have perpetuated this myth?

That white Christian boys at a pro-life rally who were wearing MAGA hats were racists.  These boys were anything but that but treated as disposable pawns by journalists to destroy Trump.  The intentionally false story was used to gin up racial hate and division.  How many innocent people, including kids, are journalists and other Democrats willing to destroy to get the radical leftists they support in power?

That allowing fully developed babies to die without health care after birth is "reproductive choice."  The reproductive choice was clearly made around nine months before.  The reason that the pleasant term "reproductive choice" is used by most journalists and other Democrats for this murderous act is that the truthful terms of murder or infanticide would repulse anyone with a conscience.

That there was collusion between or among Trump and Russia in the 2016 election.  This myth has been used to destroy and defeat Trump and his associates for years.  It is perpetuated to mislead the public.  There is no end to the number of people journalists, career swamp creatures, and other Democrats are willing to destroy as they perpetuate this myth.  They conduct endless, useless witch hunts despite knowing that the Russian collusion story is fake, a hoax, or a myth.

Here are a couple of truths that the media, Representative Jerry Nadler, and other Democrats tell the public are myths:

That radical leftist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are perpetuating violence and destruction on cities throughout the U.S.  It is not a coincidence that almost all the violence and destruction are done to cities run by leftist Democrats for decades because the public officials willingly look the other way.  The media and other Democrats treat the violence as a myth in order to claim that Trump is only sending in federal agents to boost his election.

That there were a massive number of corrupt criminals in the Obama administration who were willing to lie and commit other criminal acts in order to take out Trump and elect the corrupt, lifetime criminal Hillary as president.  The media and other Democrats have covered up these corrupt, criminal acts for years and now they seek to destroy William Barr who is trying to tell the public the truth.

Either the media and other democrats have a lack of intellectual capability to tell the difference between the truth and myths or they are intentionally lying to the public in order to destroy Trump and elect Democrats.  If they were honest, they would never have supported the corrupt criminal Hillary for president, and they certainly wouldn't support the corrupt, incompetent Biden this year.

Most journalists should register as campaign workers and donors with the Federal Election Commission because every day almost all the supposed news stories are campaign ads for Biden and against Trump.  It is essentially 24 hours of in-kind free contributions.

Image credit: Thomas Good, NLN, via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.

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