How Polish media coverage shows the American media's incredible bias against conservatives

On Sunday, June 28, 2020, Poles voted for president.  Thirty years ago, Poland was so lightweight politically that such an event would have passed unnoticed.  Today, as Alasdair Lane rightly notes, who becomes president in Poland will have consequences for the entire E.U. (Forbes, 28 June 2020).  The two leading candidates were the incumbent Andrzej Duda and Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.  They got, respectively, 43.67 percent and 30.34 percent of the vote.  There will be a second round. Under Duda's leadership, Poland launched major investment programs such as building a canal across the Vistulan Peninsula, with the view to making the Polish port of Elbląg easily reachable by large ships; and the mega-airport in Baranów that will compete with the Frankfurt hub in Germany.  Duda's government has improved the standard of living of the poorest citizens by giving families a $125 bonus for each child and,...(Read Full Post)
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