How can Trump get the better of the bad polls of late?

President Trump's re-election prospects do not look good at the moment.  While the polls are probably not picking up some Trump voters, and most voters have not yet started paying serious attention to the race yet, the Trump campaign appears to be stuck in gear.  The unrelenting 92% negative media coverage, constant leaks by career bureaucrats, what may prove to be a coup attempt by the outgoing administration, and attempts to reverse the 2016 election from the moment he took office (Russia collusion hoax and phony impeachment, among other things) are, unfortunately, paying off for the Democrats.  Plus, having two twice-in-a-century crises at the same time — a pandemic and the severe economic damage it caused and racial unrest, violence, and looting not seen since the 1965–1972 era — are hurting the president.

The best thing the campaign can do to turn things around would be to put out an effective video or movie or campaign commercial showing what the first few months of a Biden administration with a Democratic-controlled House and Senate would look like: (1) elimination of the filibuster; (2) a vote to allow Washington, D.C. and possibly Puerto Rico statehood (meaning four more Democratic senators); (3) an FDR-type plan to pack the Supreme Court; (4) rigging the election system by mandating that all states provide mail-in ballots for every voter, which will lead to voter fraud; and (5) chipping away at the First Amendment right to free speech by making it a crime to publicly utter speech that criticizes, among other things, cherished liberal "social justice" programs or voices support for law enforcement.

If these things happen, the Republican Party and the conservative movement are finished.  And the Democrats would then be free to complete the New Deal/Great Society, under a party that is many multitudes times for radical than it was in the 1960s.  This would include expanding the "social safety net" that encourages reliance on government instead of hard work and entrepreneurship, which reliance did so much to destabilize the family unit, redistribution of wealth through punitive taxes on those of us who have worked hard and achieved success, defunding law enforcement, making it easier to enter the country illegally instead of honoring those who played by the rules and stood in line, tearing down statues not just of Confederate generals, but those of our Founding Fathers, most of whom owned slaves, and many other things.

Team Trump should campaign on all that he has accomplished as well, including a strong economy and record low unemployment (particularly among minorities) pre-COVID; better trade deals that have renewed U.S. manufacturing and led to more jobs staying here in the U.S.; rebuilding our military; protecting our border, which has lead to less illegal entry into our country; energy independence; and more.

The video described here may resonate with independents and Republicans who do not like Trump but don't want to see any of the things outlined here in a Biden administration happen. 

Josh Kantrow is a Chicago cyber-security lawyer and a Republican writer, blogger, and activist.

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr.

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