Google blacklists American Thinker and reverses it after its blacklisting of conservative sites is exposed

Yesterday, what Google calls a "technical error" exposed a blacklist of multiple conservative sites, including American Thinker.  After the blacklisting became obvious and generated commentary among conservative publications (and crickets among the dominant MSM propaganda organs), it appears to have been reversed. The blacklist became blatantly obvious when a Google search for "American Thinker" revealed no items from our site, but rather articles elsewhere that mentioned us.  John Eidson did a screen grab during the blacklist: This morning, the ban on material beginning was no longer visible: Google is employing bafflegab to explain away the blacklist, as Rudy Takala of Mediaite reports: In a jargon-filled statement, Google said it was looking into the issue, but failed to offer any explanation. "We are aware of an issue with the site: command that may fail to show some or...(Read Full Post)
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