Famed martial artist says New York City is trying to kill people

New York City's lawmakers have decided that they know best what police can and cannot do when it comes to arresting people — and what they can no longer do is any kind of upper body hold on a suspect who's on the ground.  Rener Gracie, of the famed Gracie Brazilian jiujitsu ("BJJ") dynasty, has published a video explaining that, no matter the intentions behind this law, it is a perfect way to ensure that police will have to resort to extremely dangerous, possibly deadly, tactics to subdue detainees. George Floyd was an obese ex-felon suffering from severe heart disease, high on methamphetamines and fentanyl, and acting violently and irrationally when police officer Derek Chauvin subdued him on the ground with a knee to the neck — an approved police tactic under Minneapolis law before June 2020.  People in chest or neck holds often complain that they cannot breathe, especially when they're panicked or on drugs, or when they...(Read Full Post)
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